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Service Technician Trainee

LabtronX: Past and Present

LabtronX helps keep water clean and safe by calibrating the equipment that the industry uses every day.  40 years ago, LabtronX was a service company focused on general lab equipment repair, working for a diversity of industries on a wide variety of equipment.  Through a focus on the water industry, we were able not only to solve problems, but to become the solution.  Now, hundreds of water facilities rely on LabtronX to provide the services needed to maintain their critical equipment.

Your Training Program

Training and continuing education is always a part of LabtronX.  Creating a skilled workforce in our specialized field requires expert knowledge and real-world application.   Not only will you learn specific skills to complete your work for us, but you will gain a diversity of skills that will serve you in the future.

You will get to learn:

  • basic electronics and electrical
  • scientific principles in biology, chemistry, and physics
  • systems integration and data collection
  • troubleshooting and system analysis
  • customer service and Sandler sales theory
  • the use of many types of tools
  • basic operation of laboratory equipment
  • good laboratory practices
  • water industry theory and operations
  • quality control systems and standards

Coming to work for LabtronX is a transformative experience.  Let our experts train you to be an expert in this critical and stable industry.

How We Teach

After visiting a few labs with a trained tech to see what we do, you will begin a series of meetings with your advisor/coach.  He will help you plan and prioritize goals along the way.  Through our diverse body of work, we try to plan opportunities to gain experience and knowledge, bringing you closer to meeting your goals.  You will learn to follow procedures in the field and gain the “why” (theory) in the classroom and in discussions with trained techs.

What you will get to do:

  • Travel with multiple trained techs, helping them become more efficient while learning your new trade
  • Travel will be in a company vehicle, within a five hour radius of Nashville, only on weekdays, with typically fewer than ten nights out of town in a month.
  • Clean and perform maintenance on lab equipment
  • Learn and assist in calibrations on lab equipment
  • Learn and assist in recording the work performed
  • Learn enough to educate customers on the use and theory of operation on a wide variety of laboratory equipment, including: turbidity meters, chlorine analyzers, pH meters, oxygen meters, flow meters, incubators, ovens, spectrophotometers, balances, thermometers, and others.
  • Learn troubleshooting and repair of laboratory equipment

LabtronX: Future

While your first overall goal is to become proficient in assisting a trained tech with his field service work, you may continue in this path and become a field service tech yourself.  Like our employees, LabtronX continues to grow, refine, and hone our skills.  The company’s growth also may offer other career opportunities to the experienced employees:

  • Marketing
  • sales
  • management
  • training
  • technical writing

Our Team and Culture

We care.  We have rejected a competitive work environment where individuals vie for position and recognition.  We succeed and fail together.  Our successes are shared across the team and we use our failures as opportunities to grow.  We expect to laugh every day and often share family time with the people we work with.  Days at the lake, running races, bowling, going to the Predators games together, etc., are all company occasions to realize why we do this work together.

Why We Do It

Our work is valuable.  We contribute a great deal to assuring the quality of water for millions of individuals.  The industry looks to LabtronX as experts.  We contribute to the way regulations and certifications are written and enforced.  We listen, analyze, and adapt to become something more than we are now, to provide better experiences for our customers and employees.  We don’t want to just solve problems… we want to be the solution.

Finding the Fit

Are you the person we are looking for?  More than just a list of skills, abilities, and knowledge, we are looking for an individual that fits the team.  We believe we are looking for individuals with certain values and qualities. Our future team member:

  • has integrity, not just to be honest and accept responsibility for one’s actions, but to use a set of principles to help make choices in changing or unfamiliar situations.
  • believes in the value of a job well done and obtaining results, not just finishing tasks.
  • values accuracy, and knows that a lot of small things contribute to the end result.
  • uses and looks for systemic thinking and logic – how it is applied and how to use it to create a satisfying conclusion.
  • driven to become an expert, a leader, a teacher.  Values knowledge and has the desire to ask “why.”
  • values personal growth, understanding that no individual is complete, but constantly a work in progress.
  • cares about people with a sense of empathy for individuals of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Can listen.
  • finds science and the attempt to understand our world fascinating and exciting.
  • Would rather go to a solitaire tournament than show up anywhere in a Blackhawks jersey.
  • will definitely be seeing the new Star Wars movie.
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