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Water & Waste Water

Water covers 71% of the Earth, but only ¾% of the Earth’s freshwater is unfrozen surface water. As a manager of a water or waste water utility, you have been given the awesome responsibility of caring for this precious and finite resource. The challenges you face and how you overcome them directly impact the environment and community you serve.

Federal and state regulations are being added and updated with the intent to protect the quality and safety of our water. Keeping up with these changes and ensuring that your facility stays in compliance is extremely demanding work. All the work you put into getting it right is often judged by the numbers you report from your laboratory and process equipment. But ensuring those numbers are correct is just half the challenge. Many pieces of critical equipment are used every day or, in the case of turbidity and flow, continuously. Failure is not an option.

With everything that you need to know and do to keep your facility performing at its best, being an expert at calibration, maintenance, and repair of a dozen types of critical equipment is just not a viable option. LabtronX has the experts to care for your equipment. We have performed our Accuracy Assurance Calibration Program at hundreds of locations for over 35 years. With LabtronX caring for your equipment, you will see better results and increase your equipment’s reliability.

Call LabtronX and let us take the burden of maintaining your equipment, so that you can get back to making clean water.


Water and Waste Water

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