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Other Labs

Laboratories can be found in many industries and serve a variety of purposes. But all of them have equipment used to test and measure the properties of samples or existing conditions. You may have a pharmaceutical lab with environmental chambers running long term storage studies, a food or manufacturing facility performing quality control on the products you produce, or a research lab studying the metabolic functions of a cancer cell. No matter what your work might be, maintaining your equipment’s reliability and accuracy is key to the productivity of any lab.

LabtronX has the experts to care for your equipment. We have performed our Accuracy Assurance Calibration Program at hundreds of labs for over 35 years. With LabtronX caring for your equipment, you will see better results and increase your equipment’s reliability. And if there is ever a problem with a critical piece of equipment, LabtronX can be there quickly to get you back up and running with our service on demand.

Call LabtronX and let us take the burden of maintaining your equipment, so that you can get back to the important work your laboratory does every day.

Water and Waste Water

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