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It was estimated that there are over 61 thousand square miles of paved surfaces in the US. That is like paving the entire state of Kentucky and half of Tennessee. But those 61 thousand miles are spread over a 3.1 million square mile area, and asphalt must be kept warm before using. This means that there are asphalt facilities spread through the US, providing a continuous local source of asphalt. All of that asphalt must be tested for quality to ensure safety and durability on our roadways every day.

As an asphalt quality control lab operator, you are asked to provide efficient and accurate data on each batch or load. If your testing equipment fails, the entire process could be in jeopardy of being put on hold. Not only does that mean a loss of daily revenue for your facility, it means that the paving and construction crews lose productivity, and that drivers will experience traffic or safety issues because construction projects have been stopped or delayed. All of this can hurt a facility’s reputation as a reliable source.

Keeping your equipment calibrated and well maintained may be a state or local requirement, but it is also critical to the operation of your facility. LabtronX has the experts to care for your equipment. We have performed our Accuracy Assurance Calibration Program at hundreds of quality control labs for over 35 years. With LabtronX caring for your equipment, you will see better results and increase your equipment’s reliability. And if there is ever a problem with a critical piece of equipment, LabtronX can be there quickly to get you back up and running with our service on demand.

Call LabtronX and let us take the burden of maintaining your equipment, so that your facility can continue to reliably produce asphalt every day.

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