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Who We Are

At LabtronX we care for you and your laboratory equipment. In today’s world, business often focuses on the bottom line, reducing customer care to automation and a series of strict company policies. LabtronX sees the value of building personal relationships with our customers. We make your concerns our concerns and help provide personalized solutions that make sense.

In order to provide the level of care you deserve, LabtronX is formed around five key principles:

  • Flexibility – Growing as individuals and a company, we must be open to change and not hold on to business as usual. Serving you and your needs to the best of our ability requires that we remain flexible.
  • Integrity – Not just about being honest but also about tempering our decisions by adhering to a set of values and best practices. You have the security of knowing that LabtronX will always strive to get it right.
  • Accuracy – This is the core of what we do in providing laboratory equipment services. You shouldn’t expect us to just be “close”. Throughout the company, every change we make will either be to sustain or to improve our accuracy.
  • Team – We approach every aspect of our company’s processes as a team. Every technician that comes to your site has a team of trained people standing beside him. And you don’t just have LabtronX as a business partner – you have us on your team.
  • Knowledge – With ongoing training, our employees stay engaged and sharp. We are able to share what we have learned and provide unique and innovative solutions.

In short, LabtronX’s caring knowledgeable team responds to your challenges with flexibility, accuracy, and integrity.

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